I've been asked all sorts of questions by people attending their first ghost hunt,


"Do you see ghosts?"  "Do you get left in the dark on your own?"

"Do people get possessed?"  "Do you see things floating around?"


Some questions make me chuckle, others can be more serious and quite worrying to people. Therefore, I decided to provide you with a little run down on what to expect on a ghost hunt, as well as the answers to some FAQs.  


So firstly, what is a ghost hunt?

A ghost hunt is an organised event that gives you the opportunity to explore fabulous haunted locations around the UK, and the rest of the world! There are now many companies around the UK who run these events, many of which can be found on the Ghost Hunting Companies page.

With team members, and often psychics or mediums, you will explore the location in an attempt to gain evidence of, or experience the paranormal. The events run through the night, generally from around 8 or 9pm until around 3am. You will have several breaks through the night for refreshments. If this seems like a bit of a long night for you, shorter investigations are sometimes available, and these run from around 7pm till midnight, for example. 


"What equipment do I get to use?"

Each company has a varied selection of equipment, all of which is available for you to use. Common tools for a ghost hunt are Ouija Boards, EMF meters, temperature gauges, trigger objects, pendulums and tipping tables. Other equipment may include REM-pods, dowsing rods and spirit boxes. For more on these tools, see the equipment page. 

If you have any of your own equipment, you are welcome to use it on investigations. Companies are not liable for loss or damage of your equipment. 


"Do I have to use an Ouija Board?" 

You are never made to use any equipment, or take part in any activity that you don't feel comfortable with.  


"What if I get scared, or want to leave?"

If you want to remove yourself from a situation or vigil, alert a member of staff and they will take you to a lit area, usually the base room, where they will stay with you. If you wish to leave the location and return home, please make sure you inform a member of staff of your departure so they don't spend the rest of the evening looking for you. 


"What do I need to bring?"

You should wear warm clothing, or bring layers. Even in Summer, evenings can get chilly, especially when you start getting tired. Sensible footwear is also recommended, locations can often have unstable flooring, or be muddy or wet. A torch is a must but companies often have spares in case you forget.

Snacks and drinks are usually provided, check event details for more information. You are welcome to bring your own along if you wish. Alcohol is forbidden on all events and you must arrive in a sober state. 

If you have your own equipmemt, you can take it along on investigations. However, companies are not liable for loss or damage of your equipment. 


"Are there any age restrictions?"

Most companies require guests to be 18yrs of age or older. Some companies allow 16yrs and above when accompanied by an adult of 18yrs or older. Check companies FAQs for more information. ID may be required upon arrival if hosts have any concern over your age. 


"Will I see a ghost?"

Perhaps the most asked question, after the Ouija board one! This can never be guaranteed. The companies advertised on The Ghost Book run events that are investigations, not 'staged nights'. I have been on many investigations where there has been no activity. This, unfortunately, is simply the way things can go. That is not to say that you won't experience anything. Many guests report leaving an event with many unanswered questions, and even skeptics can have their eyes opened....