The Poltergeist House
 Poltergeist House 01

LOCATION: Pontefract, West Yorkshire, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A domestic residence

OTHER USES: The house is now used for paranormal investigations

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON THE SITE: Between 1090 and 1539, there had been a priory close to the site of the house. And before the house was built, the town gallows stood opposite. 

When The Lights Went Out

CLAIM TO FAME: The 2012 film 'When The Lights Went Out' is based on the story of the Pritchard family who lived in the house during the 1960s.


GRIZZLY HISTORY: A Clunaic monk is said to have been hung at a site very near to where the house now stands, for the rape of a young girl. According to reports, the Pritchard family endured horrific poltergeist activity, starting in August 1966. The physical activity seemed to be focused on daughter Diane, 12 at the time. At one time, she was apparently dragged up the stairs by her throat, and was thrown from her bed several times. 


DEATHS: None recorded





• The Black Monk, referred to by the Pritchard family as Fred or Mr Nobody. Now considered the most violent poltergeist in the world

• A desolate young female



Audible: Farm animal noises. Heavy breathing. Rattling keys. A baby crying. Thumping noises. Disembodied laughing.

Visual: Full bodied apparitions - sightings of a dark robed figure. Shadows seen.

Intelligent: Unexplained knocking sounds. Piano playing on its own. 

Sensory: Cold spots. Bad smells.

Poltergeist: Pools of water mysteriously appearing on their own. Furniture being tipped over. Objects flying and levitating. Object displacement. Pictures being slashed. Lights turning on and off on their own. Green foam appearing from the taps. People report being scratched. 

Technological: Figures appearing on SLR camera. EVPs recorded. Lots of activity on K2 meters and Melmeters


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: The coal cupboard and the staircase


TIMESPAN OF HAUNTINGS: 1966 to present day




  • Photographer: Claire Cowell
  • Photographer: Unknown
  • Photographer: Craig L
  • Photographer: Andy E
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"I was on the landing outside the small child's bedroom and myself, Kerri and Jacky heard a baby crying. It only lasted a few seconds. I thought it was proabably a squeaky floorboard but there wasn't any. I was also going live on Facebook and some people watching also heard it too."

John Tulley - Spook-Spys Paranormal 


"I had 3 scratches appear on my neck/chest after complaining that my cross and chain felt like it was burning"

Jacky Carr Spook-Spys Paranormal


INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Click on a team image below to watch their investigation at The Poltergeist House


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