Newsham Park Hospital
 Newsham Park Hospital Main

LOCATION: Liverpool, Merseyside, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institute, an orphanage for the children of Merseyside. 

OTHER USES: The orphanage closed on 27th July 1949 and opened again as a hospital in 1954 until 1992. It then became an asylum, taking 90% of patients from Rainhill Lunatic Asylum. In 1997, it ceased operation as a medical facility. It is now used as a ghost hunting venue. 


CLAIM TO FAME: In 1886, Queen Victoria visited the orphanage and became a patron.  


GRIZZLY HISTORY: Life in the orphanage wasn't pleasant for the children. Previous resident Phyllis Gallimore explains, "They weren't fussy how they punished you. It was really cruel."


DEATHS: Being a hospital for so long, there are bound to have been numerous deaths here at Newsham. However, records are hard to find. Here are a few from in and around the hospital...

• 1878 - William Holland, 46, a chimney sweep was found under the ice in the lake. 

• 1880 - A man in his 50s was found in the lake with his throat slit with a razor in his jacket pocket. 

• 1891 - A man was found dead in the lake

• 1897 - The body of Florence Hansford, a domestic servant, was found floating in one of the lakes. 

• Unknown date. A nurse was found dead on the staircase by the main corridor. It is reported that she often spoke of seeing spirits in the hospital.

• Someone is said to have hanged themselves in the bell tower. 

• Apparently, a young orphan had been locked in a punishment cupboard. He screamed until he fell silent. The nurses thought he had fallen asleep, but he was found dead the next morning. I can find no evidence to substantiate this claim. 




Audible: Dragging noises. Screams. Crying. People have heard growling right in their ear. 

Visual: Full bodied apparitions, including that of a child. Shadow figures. White mists. A horse seen on the ground floor passing through the wards.

Poltergeist: Tables sliding across the floor on their own.

Sensory: People have felt breath on their necks.


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: Ward G. The basement. The dining room. 



EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....


INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Click on a team image below to watch their investigation at Newsham Park Hospital


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