Gresley Old Hall
 Gresley Old Hall 01

LOCATION: Swadlincote,  Derbyshire, UK

DATE BUILT: 1556 with stones from the priory that occupied the site prior.  Newer parts were built in 1734


ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A family's second home

OTHER USES: Earthenware and china were both produced on site for a time. The hall was also used as a farmhouse and tennented to many famillies.

PREVIOUS BUILDINGS ON THE SITE: Gresley Priory previously stood on the site from 1100s - 1500s

Sir Nigel GresleyCLAIM TO FAME: Sir Nigel Gresley CBE (1876-1941) see picture of Gresley Old Hall, designed the famous A4 Pacific locomotive. The 'Mallard' set a new speed record on 3rd July 1938 and it has never been broken to this day.  


GRIZZLY HISTORY: There is a story that a maid burned to death in the home whilst looking after the children of the family. According to the story, the room was boarded up after her death and never opened again. I can find no factual evidence to support this story. 

There are also tales that a man was stabbed to death on the first floor landing. The bloodt stains are said to be visible today, and cannot be covered up, despite numerous attempts. 


DEATHS: Unknown, see above


• A Victorian maid 'Margory' who died in a fire at the hall

• A little girl



Audible: Disembodied footsteps. Whispers.

Visual: Full bodied apparitions. Strange lights. Reappearing blood stains on the floorboards?!

Intelligent: People having thier hair pulled by unseen hands.

Sensory: Cold blasts of air. People report feeling as if their skin is burning.

Poltergeist: -

Technological: EVPs recorded.


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: The attic seems to be a favourite spot for investigators but experiences occur throughout the building.



EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS: Yet to be discovered....


INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Watch the investigations of those who have braved Gresley Old Hall for themselves.....