Jamaica Inn
 Jamaica Inn 01

LOCATION: Bolventor, Cornwall, UK



ORIGINAL PURPOSE: A coaching inn

OTHER USES: The building remains to be an inn offering accommodation, with the additions of a shop, restaurant and museum.


27583719 790285391168073 405993906 nCLAIM TO FAME: Author Daphne Du Maurier visited Jamaica Inn in the winter of 1930. The inn and its surroundings inspired Du Maurier so, that she wrote the famous novel 'Jamaica Inn'. There has since been a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1939, a TV film in 1983 starring Jane Seymour, and a 3 part TV series by the BBC in 2014, all based on Du Maurier's work. 


GRIZZLY HISTORY: The inn has always provided a resting place for weary travellers. However, it is not the comfy beds and ales that makes Jamaica Inn so popular. It was a regular haunt, excuse the pun, for smugglers and wreckers. They would signal to unsuspecting approaching ships along the coast, directing them purposefully onto the awaiting rocks. The ships would there be looted of their cargo by these wreckers. Polperro, Boscastle, Trebarwith and Tintagel were well used wrecking sites. Jamaica Inn, with its isolated location up on the moor, provided the perfect location for stashing goods on their way into the country. Tea, brandy, silk and tobacco were the most common items smuggled into Cornwall. 



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• The unknown 'murdered man' who has been seen sitting on the wall outside the inn.

• The man in a tricorn hat and cloak, possibly the notorious smuggler Jack Travellis.



Audible: Footsteps heard pacing along the corridors. A child's crying. Conversations in a foreign language. Horses hooves and cartwheels heard on the gravel outside. Other unexplained noises.

Visual: Dark shadows. Partial apparitions.

Intelligent: Unexplained tapping on request on investigators.

Sensory: Cold spots in the bedrooms


HAUNTED HOTSPOTS: • Bedrooms 3, 4, 5 & 6. • The Smuggler's Bar • The Stable Bar (museum) • The gift shop • The old generator room (now the hotel reception)


TIMESPAN OF HAUNTINGS: For over 100 years people have been reporting hauntings here. Sightings of the 'murdered man' were being recorded in the early 1900s.

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"I was walking down by the gift shop and through into the restaurant one night and a top half of a torso lunged at me and disappeared" 

Jayne Mortimer, North Cornwall Paranormal


"My wife and I have stayed there on a few occasions in the old part of the building and at night the room would go very cold. That's all I'm going to say - it's totally unexplainable"

Mr John Watts, previous owner of Jamaica Inn of 41 years

INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE: Click on a team image below to watch their investigation at Jamaica Inn


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